Thu. May 26th, 2022

President Abdi of the Somali state of Ethiopia has landed at Dubai international airport (DXB), were welcomed by Diaspora people living in the UAE.

President Abdi traveled from Beijing, where he had stayed, visit for a week long aimed to get experience related to the farming rice crops.  He was led a group of agricultural experts to implement experience and farming facts they observed on during the China visit.

Somali autonomous state of Ethiopia has been attempting for the last three years to improve production of the farming crops to eradicate poverty. The administration keen on achieve five years transforming growth plans [gap], which the central government gave the target mandate for the autonomous states.

The Somali self-governing state is back warded the rest of Ethiopian autonomic states, and it may not be possible to achieve in a similar economic level with other states.

To do that President Abdi performed hard and achieved better than expected his administration due to his leadership capability.

President Abdi’s visit about seeing the sculpture of the Sayyid’s statute that gave a contract to an Indian decorating company at Dubai.  As well as during the stay in UAE, he will meet Diaspora community at Dubai.

It expected him to return Addis Ababa on September 7, 2013.

By Rasaas