Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Jijiga, Nov 2, 2018 – Since the Ethiopian militaries took over security control in the Somali region on August 4, 2018, the shotting became part of life, Abdullahi Hassan ex-head of the Somali region.

The latest incident held in Jijiga at 11 AM local time on November 1, 2018, dwellers were shocked while a minor dispute caused the death of two lovely Somali boys. An argument began Somali tea-lady and group of shoe painters males from Highland.

An eyewitness said, shoe painters grabbed some money from the tea-lady and then she cried out for help, three Somali juveniles around the area involved the dispute and tried to cool down the situation.

One of the shoe painters called the militaries friends at the garrison close to Jijiga about five-kilometers south-east. It does not justify why and for what reason he called to the militaries. Soon, militaries armed vehicles arrived at scene yard, people thought something happened because of militaries sensitivities they ran away. It believed that the Ethiopian militaries had a special interest in protecting the Highlanders rather than Somalis. Unfortunately, the militaries open fire indiscriminately and killed two Somali boys and injured dozens in the center of the town bright daylight.

Surprisingly, at the time the militaries carried out the operation, there were local police around the town who responsible for the security of the town, but the militaries do not respect at all and even the wounded people included a local police officer at the scene.

People in the town upset disparity on the incident and started minor demonstrations against the militaries action some places in the town. Another inappropriate action had been taken by the federal institutions operating in the town reacting strikes by closing all public services for nothing related to the securities. Knowingly this, all the federal institutions in the Somali region run and monopolized by Ethiopian highlanders such as electricities, telecommunications, and financial institutions.  

Dwellers in Jijiga complained many times about the atrocities from the Ethiopian militaries to the innocent civilians for a nonsense act and demand the federal government to vacate the militaries out of the town.

The new regional administration is weakened and incapable of challenging atrocities to the Somali civilians because Abiy Ahmed’s authority illegally overthrew the previous administration and brought this to the reign indivision.  

Somali people grievance to Ethiopia is growing for the daily disparity by marginalizing from the jobs, wealthy, participating politics, education and skills. Ethiopia keeps on gunpoint to the Somali region since the region went into the hand of Ethiopia when the British Empire annexed Ethiopia illegally.      


By Rasaas