Wed. May 25th, 2022

Tigrai Online: Abdi Mohomud Omar, president of Somali regional state is the mastermind visionary leader behind the tremendous achievements in the region.

In this short piece I will ruminate the political disorder and security failures that Ethiopian Somali region had experienced before the current administration led by Abdi Mohamed Omar come to power and I will share with you the current political development and socioeconomic achievements.

When the ruling party EPRDF comes to power in 1991 Ethiopia cemented a new era of justice and equality among all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia regardless of their religion, identity and race. All the regions of Ethiopia except Somali region have benefited the new system that had enacted by EPRDF. Somali region missed that opportunity, mainly because of a weak leadership and ill-fated ideology. The political land scope of Somali region had dominated leaders who were not ready to deliver service and pull out from the abyss people had in during the DERG regime. In addition to this they were not ready to see a developed Somali region which is going along with his peer. In line with that odds they had no simple time table to carried out development projects another adjectives attributes to them was their commitment to a clan agenda were very loyal to their clan agenda rather than the national one. Pan-Somalism ideology imported to us from Somalia Also was what added insult to injury and resulted political disruption between the higher officials of the government.

Security and development

Somali region was ablaze where explosion, killing and torture against ordinary citizens were all daily occurrence entire the Somali region. Most of the public institution alongside other formal government structure was dominated by individuals who were loyal to anti-peace elements. If we turn to development, in fact people of Somali region had a little opportunity to access basic services like education, health and clean water.

Rise of the bright hope.

A nation could have been saved by dedicated far sighted thinker. The incumbent president his Excellency Abdi Mohamed Omar took the highest office of the region in 2002 and sworn as the president of Somali region. Soon after his inauguration Mr. AbdI Mohamed Omar launched a huge effort to liberate the region from the anti peace elements, improving the living standard of the people of the region. In a short period of time president ABDI and his team won to clean anti peace elements inside the region and dislodge anti peace elements. Woredas which were formerly under the control of anti peace elements turned into a bustling city full of life. One of the fundamental drives of security gains and improvements was the formation of the special force aka Liyou Police in local language.

Today people of Somali region are enjoying the fruits of the struggle started by President Abdi Mohomud Omar. Like other regions of Ethiopia, Somali region developed basic services like education, health and clean water in both urban rural areas. An intrigue story of Somali region is the champion of education sector of Ethiopia is Somali region education bureau. By the name of Ibrahim Adan Mahad, one of the most educated man in Somali region leading the bureau of education, providing quality education, setting up curriculum for KG students are some of the remarkable strides that gave education bureau of Somali region a chance to reach where the region is today.

History of President Abdi Mohomud Omar is filled with examples of achieving the impossible. For me it is not surprised by his success both in development and security because he is a visionary leader who has a way of working with people, motivating people to realize the dreams.

President Abdi Mohomud Omar is a simple man unlike the numerous predecessors who got afflicted with hubris syndrome as soon as they were elected to office, he does not betray his nation; he is a brilliant leader whose intellect never gave into money and material. President ABDI deserves a national golden medal. One thing we have learned is that president ABDI will never sell his self and soul to outside interest.

It is therefore on this background that this author has recognized his Excellency Mr. Abdi Mohomud Omar as a visionary leader. It is not secret that Abdi Mohomud Omar, the incumbent president of Somali region, is the founder and the mastermind behind the tremendous achievements that the region has registered for the last eight years. To conclude I can say with confidence president Abdi Mohomud is a father, brother, son and friend to everyone.

By Rasaas