Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Jijiga, Dec 28, 2020 – Three soldiers guarding the presidential palace in Jijiga were shot at Christmas night. The three soldiers were members of the Liyu Police guarding the presidential palace.

Adani Muhumed Harbi, one of the officers killed inside the presidential palace, was shot 15 times. We have not yet received the names of the other two soldiers killed along with Adani Muhumed Harbi.

The motive for the killings is still unknown. It is not the first time that Liyu Police officers have been killed in different parts of the country for no apparent reason, targeting only their clan.

The three soldiers were executed inside the presidential palace in the Somali region on the date of 25/12/202, is said, was buried in the at scene without the consent of their families.

Security situation in Ogadenia are detiriorating even though the Ogaden National Liberation front signed peace deal with Ethiopia in 2018.

By Rasaas