Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Nairobi, June 19, 2018 – Independent news source from Shekosh district in Ethiopia confirmed that detention of several innocent civilians.

Detained people are resident of the Shekosh district and belong to a same family. Report sources said that June 17, 2018, two men detained first called Mukhtar Ahmed Malik and Mohamed Ahmed Malik were accused of being contacted to their brother in law who is living now in America writes messages into the Facebook contrary to the head of the Somali regional administration.

The third man called Tiger Ahmed Malik is working district administration office angrily reacted the way treated his brothers by the Liyu Police, he exposed immediately his picture in the facebook.

Merciless Liyu Police have been beaten brutally Mr Tiger is suffering injuries from the torture.

Mother of the arrested men Haweeya was crying in front of the jail for two days. Head of district Mr. Abdi Wali Mohamed and Miss Hibo Axmed Habane head of revenue beaten and kicked Haweeya Mother of the arrested men.

For months of violence humped mass strike blow up the Somali regional state of Ethiopia against the head of the administration. But the administration over reacted by detaining over hundred innocent civilians if different locations and killing at least ten people.  

By Rasaas