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Jijiga, January 10, 2012 [ras] – President of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia has been travelling on ground  through the Ogaden soil freely for three weeks without interrupted, where previously the ogaden national liberation front [ONLF] operating actively.

President Sayyid Abdi Mohamoud Omar went to his longest trip into deep hazard several regions in the Ogaden province of Ethiopia to see the livelihood situation the people living in those regions he visited.

It is the first time in history, and forever the Ethiopian officials pay respected visit to the Somali inhabitant region of Ethiopia. And it was an amazing visit  for the people to see their loved president Sayyid Abdi, who sat satisfactorily on the sand with the people and talk to them their needs, which boosted the confident people have the government.

He was talking rural in public shaking hands to everyone, kissing old and picking babies and cuddling kids. He was acted brilliantly by giving respect and caress with the different level among the people like supper state president in election.

He visited in three regions, and the related districts and villages in the Ogaden Provence border with Somalia, which had been the worst security for the last 17 years, now not fired a single pullet to the delegation.

Since the ONLF, signed peace accord in Addis Ababa in October 2010, the security situation in the Ogaden region was improving fast, except few incidents on the Somaliland border side.

President Sayyid Abdi received three medals from the Prime Minister Meles Zinawi during the Ethiopian federalism day at Makkale, which he acquires for his ability and successful work for promoting peace and development at present in the Somali State.

Somali regional state of Ethiopia’s President Sayyid Abdi and his delegates are expected to finish the visit with success and return to the capital of the administration for the coming days.

As predicting soon after it may will be expected a visit for high delegates led by prime minister Meles Zinawi will travel on ground to the region to see the livelihood situation in the region. The last time paid a visit by prime minister to deep far to the Somali region was in 1994, while ONLF declared war against Ethiopia.

It seems the Somali people in Ethiopia acknowledged that their interests are in Ethiopia by forcing the rebel forces to lay down guns and participate in government and build the country. Ethiopia’s side should face the truth to build real trust for the Somali Ogaden people being part of Ethiopia and gear up economic progress to the Somali state.

Maxamud Qorane

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