Sat. May 28th, 2022

The drought in the Ogaden has been devastating and has killed 5,300,000 livestock in the region since October 2021. The drought has also killed many elderly people, children and women who have died of thirst and starvation.

The Ogaden region has been under Ethiopian occupation since 1954 after the British annexed the Ogaden region to Ethiopia. Unfortunately, Ethiopia does not make any significant progress for the Somali people in the Ogaden region, but only oppresses, imprisons, kills, starves and neglects them.

The drought in the Ogaden region began in October 2021, and so far the Ethiopian government has not sent any appeals to donors or international organizations to save the people and animals in the drought-stricken Ogaden region. Now the livestock is depleted and people are concentrated in the villages and there is no humanitarian aid provided by the Ethiopian government. The Somali regional administration has collected donations from businesses and non-governmental organizations and these funds have been fraudulently given to contractors. Somali regional administration officials have not visited the region since the beginning of the drought and there has been no significant impact on the region’s famine-stricken population.

The World Food Program (WFP) first delivered inadequate food assistance to parts of the Ogaden region in mid-December 2021. Due to the region’s lack of access roads, it is difficult to reach those in need. However, the Ethiopian government is not ready to participate in the relief efforts for the Somali people in the Ogaden region, according to regional administration officials who requested anonymity.

It was in 2000 when the German government forcibly delivered humanitarian aid to the drought-stricken Ogaden region claiming that Ethiopia could not rely on the Somali people in the Ogaden region. The aid plane landed directly at Gode airport after BBC News sent a distress call to the world with staff from the Ogaden Relief Association, ORA, a regional aid agency.

Currently, the responsibility for reporting the drought lies solely with the Somali regional administration, which operates at the behest of the Ethiopian government, but not at the behest of the Somali people in the Ogaden region.

According to local sources, the grazing lands are now littered with the bodies of people who died of starvation and thirst, and these bodies are now being eaten by thirsty animals who did not eat meat but now eat meat. Monkeys have eaten children in a district in the Shabelle region of the Ogaden, according to a BBC Somali service.

By Rasaas