Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

To: Premier, Meles Zenawi
Through—Tesfaye Yilma,
Ethiopian Ambassador to US

The peace we supported! Was it fact or fiction?

It’s been a while since the expatriates of the Ogaden region in Ethiopia− myself included, had cohesively aligned with the substitute policy of war “peace” between the Somali rebel factions in the region and the Ethiopian government. Hence, we inexorably disseminated a coherent message of support for that cause, contacting verbally or nonverbally to too many stakeholders around the world, including numerous international actors as well as some diehard opponent muscles.

However, although we’re not as optimistic as we hopped things to be thus far in various aspects, despite a sensible implementation from the side of the government, but very far from adequacy! We’ll definitely continue our exhaustive, serious and sincere endeavor until the unbearable circumstances in the region is reversed for the better.

Therefore, to further resonate our message for “mutual coexistence” and be able to convince some of the questioners we often encounter, we hereby earnestly recommend to prime minster, Meles Zenawi to release all the political prisoners in the region including those allegedly involved in political association such as Mr. Dahir or armed rebellion with any group, as long they disavow themselves from any future complicity.

Thank you.

Contact: Farah H. (Kolley)
Denver, Colorado—USA

By Rasaas