Fri. May 20th, 2022

Taysir Omar Food SalalTowns in the Somali Region of Eastern Ethiopia erupted in protests against the regional administration led by Abdi Illey, as his forces, the Liyu Police hung and killed a woman in Kebri Dahar.

Tayasir Omer-food Mohamed, aged was taken on the day of May 11 at 11:00 and police brought her dead body back to her family after Juma prayers, around 1:30, urging her family to sign up papers that suggested she “hanged” herself according to Haji Ali Abdille Fiihiye, a prominent Somali elder and the uncle if Tayasir.

However, it is a well-known play from the Somali Regional president, aka Abdi Iley’s Liyu Police playbook which often says victims killed themselves after strangling them to death or throwing them from a speeding car.

It was in around August 2016 that the brother of a prominent Somali blogger, Mustafa Omer was thrown from a speeding car. The immediate go to defense of the Liyyu Police was that Faysal Cagjar, the victim in that case, was crazy man and he throw himself off of a speeding car.

Tayasir was the head of the women affairs in Kebele 5 of Kebridahar town and Liyy Police is said to have suspected that she was working with people calling for anti-Abdi Iley protests in the town.

The situation in Kebri-Dehar is tense as gunfight is reported in the city after the killing of Tayasiir Omer-Food, a young Woman who was a member of a local Women’s Organization.

There are casualties reported after clash between security and angry locals. The situation is also expected to deteriorate.

As per reports, Tayasiir was arrested before she was strangled to death mainly because that her uncle is part of a delegation of Somali elders who are in Addis Ababa to plead with the federal government to stop what they call ‘Abdi Iley madness and the killing, torture and the rampant rape that has become a way life in the Somali Region’.

In addition to that, JJH is also getting tips from locals that has firsthand knowledge of the matter that she was spotted while taking a picture of a luxury house owned by General Abdirahman Laba Go’ole, the Somali Liyu Police Commander and Abdi Iley cousin and right-hand man.

Reportedly, this has infuriated them so much that she has been arrested immediately and her captors placed a high-profile call to someone high up in the chain of command who reportedly gave the green light to her brutal execution.

After the uproar of the locals and the detoriation of the security situation in Kebri Dahar town, the armed forces brigade in Kebri Dehar under the command of Colonel Wolde Sabana, a Tigrayan Commander, intervened in the vandd allegedly participated in the crackdown that ensued.

By Rasaas