Sun. May 29th, 2022

The head of the Somali regional administration has accused opposition parties of conspiring with terrorists to stage a coup in the region. He has made the same claims of removing him by force at least three times in the last few years, blaming it on what he refers to as terrorist groups. He usually does this every time he fears for his position.

According to him, the region has become a hub for terrorist groups. Indeed, governments prior to his administration have operated in a relatively hostile environment with fighting groups such as Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), but never declared that the Somali region harbored terrorist groups. This must raise suspicion.

But, why now? He did not begin disseminating bogus propaganda against previous presidents until last week when a faction within the PP came out of nowhere accusing him of corruption and mismanagement.

His lack of leadership has been revealed by the present drought threatening the lives of millions. Previously, only animals were affected by the drought, but the situation has deteriorated into famine, with people dying from a lack of water and food. Thus, all of this misinformation is partially his inability to recognize that he mismanaged or just squandered millions raised for the emergency response.

Whether he remains in power or is removed is entirely up to Somalis. They are the only people who have the authority to determine the fortune of their people and land. Nobody else has a say in the matter. We do not intervene in what is happening in Bahar-Dar or else where. So, we urge other Amhara ultranationalists to abstain from interfering in the Somali region’s internal affairs. Minorities in the Somali region, particularly those who speak Amharic, should mind their own business; your interference in our internal affairs is challenging the patience of Somali people.

By Fardouse Moussa

By Rasaas