Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Jijiga, May 26, 2020 – It was only a few days ago that close to two-thirds of the region’s lawmakers walked out on the council’s session after they were deprived of adding two sets of agenda they have proposed. One of the agendas they tabled was to have a ‘vote of confidence’ on president Mustafa while the other being an extensive debate on the administration’s performance report which they believed to be cooked up and window dressed and the state of government’s planned mega projects.

This time, the twist involves a serious deadlock between the president and the acting speaker, Mrs. Fardowsa Deyr, whom he had a deal to appoint her full speaker as a reward for her collaborative work in Mustafa’s manoeuvring to oust the former speaker last month, but failed to come through and honour his word.

The personal saga of the lawmakers that have been detained last Saturday still continues. President Mustafa suspects these lawmakers to be the center of lawmakers resistance to his rule and is betting on holding them in a jail cell until he breaks this latest council mutiny and feels comfortable and secure at the throne. This latest political crisis, however, exemplifies how far the region has descended into the abyss and has put the region on a negative light in terms of openness and democratic reform.

As of now, dozens of lawmakers are in hiding in Jigjiga and elsewhere and region, some have already runaway and sought shelter and security in Addis, and with the federal government, other have fled to neighbouring countries while at least have a dozen of them is in custody. The lawmakers that are still under arrest include:

1. MP. Dr. Niman Hamarrie, Faafan Zone
2. Shaafi Ashir, Qorahay Zone
3. Yusuf Elmi Isak, Qorahay Zone
4. Nadiir Yusuf Adan, Jarar Zone
5. Abdrizak Abdilahi Bayle, Doollo Zone

RT. Mohamed Olad

By Rasaas