Wed. May 25th, 2022

Nov 6, 2019 – The day foreign ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan traveled to the United States for what Ethiopian government described as “discussion” over the Ethiopian Dam, South Sudanese news source reported, citing leaked sources, that Egypt has been conspiring with Uganda and South Sudan against Ethiopia. 

Egypt seem to have managed to lure Uganda and South Sudan to sabotage completion of Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam, according to South Sudan News Agency report published on November 5, 2019.

The source cited former Uganda spy as a credible source who said that the three countries have joined hands to put pressure on Ethiopia through diplomatic and military means, and the two countries are to provide a military base in the event that Egypt is attacking Ethiopia.

What is in it for South Sudan and Ugandan authorities in return? South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) says Egypt will support the leaders of the two countries in their bid to remain in power.

SSNA claimed to have received three pages of document from the alleged former Ugandan security agent who claimed to have worked in External Security Organization (ESO). The document “exposes what seems to be an extensive campaign to put more pressure on Ethiopia through diplomatic and military means…” as reported by SSNA.

The report went on to state what the person who is leaking the document, he is identified as James Moises, said “We have a situation where my country [Uganda] has become the number one ally of Egypt in the region. There is no problem of being an ally of a sovereign nation, but it is wrong when you do it to cause harm to other countries.”

As well, the report talks about Egyptian delivery of weapons to South Sudan in two forms. “El-Sisi always delivers weapons and ammunition to Juba in two different ways. He delivers them in the form of medicines or agricultural products, or he uses Uganda as an intermediary. These are all cover channels,” James said as quoted by SSNA.

The conspiracy of the three countries is not verified by other sources so far. If it is true, it means that Uganda has changed its position in relation to Ethiopia.

In 2013, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni clearly supported Ethiopia’s dam project. He was even furious about Egypt’s move to bully Ethiopia. He said, “It is advisable that chauvinistic statements coming out of Egypt are restrained and through the Nile Valley organization, rational discussions take place,” as reported by the African Report.

Back then Museveni was speaking from Black African perspective for he was saying that “No African wants to hurt Egypt…, however, Egypt cannot continue to hurt black Africa.”

With regard to South Sudan, there have been talks of “rift” between Salva Kiir and Ethiopian leaders when TPLF was in control of the Federal  government. As well, Egypt has been toiling to secure a diplomatic influence foothold in South Sudan at least for four or five years now.

Source: borkena

By Rasaas