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Axmed-madobe-vs-xasan-ShekhAugust 28, 2013 – Negotiate between the Federal government of Somalia and the Jubaland State of Somalia has ended in successfully. The Ethiopian diplomacy has played an important role to cut wider gap between the parts.

It takes upto week to persuade parts for reaching agreement that ending their political difference. At first, the mediators could not be able to reconcile groups with understandable meaningful agreement satisfying to all.

Mediators understand this negotiation has failed due to the governmentโ€™s lack of flexibly and perceived that the dishonest it has for federal constitution of the country.

International mediators have been attempted their best to save a collapse to the discussion.

However, top government figures with advisors were always speaking behind the door to let down the international mediators’ efforts to end unsuccessful.

The government representatives were incapable of taking decision; they have frustrated orders from top, even their boss has no ability to make from his mind. There were consultatives in Mogadishu based their advice on clan interest those oppose on creating states based on federalism. And anytime meeting has taken a break, government representative bring back with new faces and articles, which not included discussion on the table understandably dictated from Mogadishu.

Toughest articles under discussion were included; (a) recognition of the Jubaland State, (b) waiving to the federal government’s management of the (1) airport, (2) port and (3) unifying police of the three regions under the Jubaland State. These articles were agreed to sign on last Thursday and again on Saturday, unfortunately the government afraid to sign the agreement it made three days ago.

The international mediators tried and get fed-up continuation of this meeting and let Somalis to do this themselves. Unfortunately, Somalis failed to reach any agreement, but international community forced to sign agreement prepared for them that ends win win agreement.

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