Sun. May 29th, 2022

Tog-Wajaale-Border-pointSomaliland government has for the first time officially declared that border with its longtime ally Ethiopia has being opened after it was closed nearly two months ago.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Mr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis speaking to the media in his office yesterday announced the opening of the two countries border which was closed two and half months ago.

Ethiopian side did not declare yet an officially that the reopening the border with the self-declared state of Somaliland.

Mr. Bihi also stated that new rules and conditions have being introduced for Somaliland citizens applying for entry visa to neighboring Ethiopia such as mandatory fingerprinting for the purpose of conducting background checks .

“As you’re well aware off travellers using airlines were exempt from the closure but this was not the case with those travellers using land and we are happy to say that Ethiopian consular general office based here in Hargeisa informed us of the new developments earlier on Wednesday morning; this was confirmed by both myself and the minister of Interior Mr. Mohamed Ali Waran ‘Ade after personally checking to reaffirm the full resumption of free movement of both people and vehicles at Tog-Wajaale border point this after nearly 60 days of closure due to terrorism related threats but we and our Ethiopian counterparts also agreed that visa applicants should fast undergo a mandatory fingerprinting process before being allowed entry this being a normal procedure across the world.

By Rasaas