Wed. May 25th, 2022

SomaliWe, Somalis, share language, culture, religion, and ethnicity and we cannot accept the federal system which is our enemies’ work to force us . Somalia Democratic Republic’s best bet is not federalism and must be stopped immediately as it will weaken our regional role and will threaten our existence as a nation .

IGAD , U.S , EU and UK are working tirelessly to keep Somalia in a position that it could not able to stand its feet again and they have already managed to achieve 50 % of their goals . Somalia is not different from the other countries that civil wars erupted but lacks a friendly nation that stands up with her.
For instance, Turkey, Somalia’s historical friend and ally abandoned its role to save Somalia from plots of the Ethiopia and Kenya .
According to international law, when a government institutions ceased its existences and a country ended up a failed state as the case of Somalia , a friendly nation comes to rescue her but unfortunately, Turkey’s expected assistance merely limited to giving scholarship and food aid at the time of the famine and it delayed its role to be implemented with no apparent reasons since Somalia’s descent into civil war in the early 1990s .
Even though, Somalis need any assistance regardless big or small from any partner at this critical time; Turkey ‘s failure to fulfill its obligations towards Somalia is unquestionable .
To understand hypocritical U.S foreign Policies towards Somalis and Somalia recall for the last sixty decades . During the cold world , United states of America promised to ally Somalia against the Soviet Union but U.S found it too easy to renege on its pledges when Somalis and Somalia desperately needed an ally against the Ethiopian allies :The Powerful Russian, Cubans, and et al .
U.S blindly ignored the geopolitics of the Horn of Africa and historical enmity between us and our big, bad neighbor of Ethiopia that is why it always helps the Ethiopian colonial troops in Somalia . U.S also props Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) up with millions of dollars annually in favor of Ethiopia’s willing to eliminate Somalis from the Horn of of Africa .

We all know how United States of America portrayed Somalis for its unjustifiable movie titled, “Black Hawk Down ” purportedly its incesteous John Grimes , Mr Goddamn shit, Dennis, also known as Somalis in Djibouti as fly-killer “Dakhsi-laaye” in Somali and the likes as superheroes and Somalis as cartoon villains .
The Western Countries proposed an ” ugly clan federalism ” based on tribal territory ownership in bid to create dozens of mini-states solely intended to weaken Somalia’s power of balance in the Horn of Africa and to kill the feeling of Somali nationalism .

The West, mainly United States and UK , pours more money into the pockets of the corrupted leadership of Dammul Jadiid that does not represent us and it take sides in Somalia politics whenever disagreement emerges among Somali politicians as well .

The recent dispute between Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh and his Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed coming prior to 2016 vision, made U.S and its allies very upset and reportedly

threatened cutting its aid to Dammul Jaddiid if the party does not compromise for the interest of

the U.S, EU and UK goals falsely-named Somalia’s constitutional referendum , a goal being used as a pretext to execute another agenda, which means another five years under UN peace-keeper’s rule or giving a green light for Kenya and Ethiopia to rule – a would be incompetent Somalia .

The Somalia president’s telling to Nicholas Kay to ” respect Somalia’s sovereign right to determine its own future” is interpreted to many Somalis ” a good take but merely defending his own party of Dammul Jadiid ” as his words coincided with a time his party is challenged by his PM Abdiweli .

One can understand why Ethiopia and Kenya, whom their ill-intentions differ yet collaborate each other, under the auspice of the so-called IGAD, when it comes to meddling in Somalia’s internal affairs because both of them have already annexed Somali territories .

Over the last two decades, Ethiopian-dominated criminal bloc of IGAD has been serving no purpose other than to destroy and degrade Somalis and Somalia.
We know Ethiopia and Kenya add fuel to the fire whenever two fraternal clans are fighting each other by arming one of the warring tribes or both for their own profit of further aggravating the conflict .
Ethiopia occupied the vast territory of the Ogaden region and Kenya took what later became the Northern Frontier District (NFD). Despite illegal occupying Somali territories, the two neighboring countries yet want to conquest all Somalia with expansionist ambitions.
In the wake of the two regional states’ secret proposing to join Ethiopia ,Somaliland and Puntland’s possible unification with Abyssinia (Ethiopia) widely reported in the local media .

We ,Somalis, will not wake up until the news of the Ethiopia’s real unification of the entire Somalia appears in the media reports any time soon and the existence of Somalia on the map totally disappears, we think an inward grief help none of us, when these two evils are enveloping us all , as ” the arrow that has left the bow never returns .”


By Ahmed Abdi and Abdullahi Nur Colombo

By Rasaas