Sun. May 29th, 2022

nicholas-kay_HassanThe president of Somalia is telling the United Nations to keep out of the country’s internal politics.

Monday’s statement from President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud came after the U.N. envoy to Somalia, Nicholas Kay, expressed concern that lawmakers are being bribed to vote against the prime minister in a possible no-confidence motion.

Determining its own future

Mohamud said he appreciates the concern of the international community, but said the world must respect Somalia’s “sovereign right… to determine its own future.”

He said the “best way” to support Somalia’s leadership is to allow them to resolve differences through what he called “legitimate means and within the existing and maturing institutions.”

Tension between the president and Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has raised concern that Somalia could slide back into political turmoil, slowing progress toward stabilizing the war-torn country.

Numerous Somali governments have been brought down by political infighting in recent years.

UN expressed concern

The U.N. has led international efforts to create a stable central government in the country, after more than two decades of violence and chaos, and an insurgency by militant group al-Shabab.

In his message Sunday, U.N. envoy Kay offered to help Somali leaders reach “a mutually satisfactory compromise.”

He also warned that any action by any party that creates political turmoil would be reported to the United Nations Security Council.

By Rasaas