Thu. May 26th, 2022

downloadPresident Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the second speaker of the parliament Mahad Abdalla Cawad, the Deputy PM Xirsi Mohamed among other government dignitaries attended a party to commemorate the 23rd Anniversary when Minigistu Haile Mariam was overthrown. The party took place at the Ethiopian Embassy in Mogadishu yesterday.

This party is done inside Ethiopia every year. When Mingistu was overthrown in 1991, Ethiopia was renamed ‘the New Ethiopian’. The Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia thanked the leaders of Somalia of the ties Somalia has with Ethiopia. He also said that Ethiopia has developed a lot during the past 23 years. He said it has developed in terms of education and transportation among other aspect of development.

The President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who spoke at the ceremony congratulated the people of Ethiopia over the celebrations of their National Occasion.

By Rasaas