Thu. May 26th, 2022

JijigaDespite limited employment opportunities, the Somali State of Ethiopia has set tough condition on vacancies available within government institutions in Jijiga.

The local government has made little effort to create new temporary jobs, which cover less than 0.01% of the Jijiga population only these jobs disappeared within two months, according to employment Office of the Somali State of Ethiopia.

Recently, the local government has advertised vacancies on television open at Police and Television. As advertised on TV, Police require ten people to train the Police Pipe Band for entertaining the public at anniversary events. Satellite television also advertises several positions for reporters required to work at newly created offices within several regions in the Somali State of Ethiopia.

Both institutions have placed tough conditions on these vacancies to deter applications from  individuals belonging to the Somali State of Ethiopia.

The terms and conditions of the vacancies include:

a. Reporters applying for these vacancies should have degree of journalism and minimum of  five years of journalism experience. He/she should speak fluently Amharic, Somali and English  languages. This is despite the fact that two years ago the Somali State of Ethiopia media agency established intensive training programs for staff with no experience.

b. Individuals applying for the Police pipe bands should have GCE or higher certificate and should speak fluently Amharic, Somali and English languages.

Both institutions placed age (17 – 21) discriminatory conditions on their vacancies – this contradicts the Ethiopian law of employment.

Ethiopian officials and population in the Somali State of Ethiopia have been declared publicly the region does not exist three years before, but nobody says the reason behind the change.

The question that needs to be answered is how it can be possible for staff to have better knowledge and an experience than his/her examiner?

So the lack of native experienced workers means that these conditions for the limited jobs available in the Somali region are inviting applications from individuals from the Ethiopian highlands.

By Rasaas