Sat. May 28th, 2022

Addis Ababa, Aug 10, 2018 – Days of uncertainty and confusion mingled the former president and sudden interference of the federal government today it became clear the wide rumours escalated these days in the media.

The news circulating in the media especially Facebook and tweet makes disappointment peace lovers in Somali region that said Prime wants to create a new team heading by Ahmed Shide federal information minister.

was among the people who deny that the military takes over entirely the rule of the Somali region and dismantle all the previous administration lead resigned former president Abdi Mohamud Omar.

Today Aby Ahmed called all forty-five members of the central committees of the Somali regional ruling party ESDP which loyal with Ethiopian ruling party EPDF. 

In case of difficulties, the central government normally make consultation with the heads of regionals in the locale. But today we are witnessing Abiy calls all the forty-five Somali regional state central committees to come in his office.

This is not something normal in the federal constitution, but it may be being an exception or hidden an agenda intended to dismantle the Somali region. And we will see what will happen and the message the prime minister delivery to the central committees of ESDP.

The federal military command and control all the main towns in the region caused hostility and panic among the civilians, businesses are remaining closure some people fleeing from their homes facing unknown places by carrying few languages and their children.

All these problems are causing the presence of military personals those have no related to the local people. The government should lift the emergency imposed into the region and send back immediately the federal troops to their garrisons. 

By Rasaas