Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Ogaden droughtJijiga, Feb 7, 2016 – The Somali regional administration of Ethiopia has been issued a warning information about helping hungry people and their contributors in the Ogaden region. Its reported that the administration has detained local and diaspora people, who distributed aid food to the people suffer hunger in the affected areas in the Ogaden region.

A report written in the administration website “cakaara”has been banned any aid activities from diaspora and collaborated local people those organised by themselves to safe people dying in hunger in drought stricken area in the region.

Somali people have a culture of collection money to support  people affected by natural disasters like droughts, floods, earthquake and so on. People in the Somali region share entire tradition with Somalis in the horn of africa, who survived more than twenty seven years without central government.

Ogaden region has a long border with Somalia and people share in everything except ruling government, that is why in many occasions suffer Somali Ogaden people, because they act like other Somalis.

A drought affected in entire the horn of Africa, but Ethiopia did not reported international community in early stage before the people start dying. But the Ogaden national liberation Front ONLF accuses Ethiopia being silence while bad famine stricken the people under its control. ONLF is fighting for self-determination of Ogaden region populated by Somali people.

Ethiopia has a culture of concealing inside problems of its people and everything about a mysterious policy in the country and its known widely by the world. The Somali region administration simply fellow up the footsteps of the Ethiopian odd policy makers.
The administration does not want only by banning the aid, but requires the aid go into the hand of the administration, and that is a clear plan to misuse the aid instead of distributing honestly food to the starving people in the Ogaden region.

By Rasaas