Somali Government Fueling Tribal Conflict


22 years of civil war and post translational governments at last in August last year Somali traditional tribal leaders selected parliament based on tribe preference. The parliament elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud as president of the country, he [president] choose Abdi Farah Shirdon prime minister to led the government. Months later the prime minister formed his government.

This process was not miracle. It came force after a lot of efforts made the international communities to bring back system of government. The international communities had been feeding the Somali people for twenty two years and make government transitionally dependent on budget aiding donors to Somalia through the United Nation still ready continuing to support.

All Somali people made celebrations supported to the new government expecting that it will bring last in peace to the country. Some politicians showed worry at beginning about the elected president who had no political experienced they have seen him had jumped the chair in short place unexpectedly way. President Hassan Sheikh bought the votes of the parliament with an unknown financial sources.

President Hassan had selected prime minister his business friend who had less political experience than him and  married with the presidents’ clan lady [brother in-law]. She is a member of parliament and founder of a Hawiye action group.

International communities opened doors to the Somali government to build up trust and cure the damage of the civil war. London’s conference for Somalia met in 54 delegates representing countries and non governmental organisations those promised financial supports of more than 200 million dollars [$200M US].

17, 000 strong AMISOM troops mostly based in Mogadishu have been tried hard securing the safety and security of the Mogadishu without Somali military. Though thousands of Somali military trained in several countries still there are tribal divisions and not ready to conduct in unity military operation.

The Islamic linked Dam-Jadid party figures are dominating on the top positions of the Somali politics and refused to abide the constitution. Somali Intelligence found recently that they have changed some articles for the constitution into new articles without informing concerned institutions and legislative.

The crucial government advisers are Hawiye clan leaders Maxamed Xasan Xaad and his deputy Ahmed Diiriye. Those clan leaders made preaches on Mogadishu radios, and the tribal ownership televisions broadcast from abroad in tribal sensitivity speeches.

The Somali people find out the government’s lack of initiatives toward for rebuilding the country, while it put a question on creation of Jubaland state.

The plan established Jubaland State was started in four years ago, while politicians from the Juba regions formed militants groups with the permission of the previous government, those gave training in Kenya to fight Islamic groups then transform to Somali force.

End of the last year, Jubaland militants supported by the Kenyan forces captured in Kismayo and related districts. After the militants secured these Juba regions called 890 inhabitants delegates gathered in Kismayo to form building Jubaland State of Somalia with consent of the constitution.

The Jubaland elders sent delegate with a message to Mogadishu in early before the meeting started, calling up the government for leading the Kismayo conference to give advice and guidance the delegations in the meeting. Unfortunately, the government rejected the invitation message sent to and delegate returns with empty hands and soon government began opposition.

Since then, the government started a propaganda campaign against creation of Jubaland state and ongoing conference in Kismayo. The campaign led government against Jubland conference went further, mobilized clans, warlords and  sent delegations with bags of dollars to divide the Jubaland community.

At last, some figures held top positions in the government blamed Kenya for supporting particular groups to divide Somalia. There are 17,000 strong AMISOM troops come from African countries stay on Somalia for stabilization propose. Surprisingly Somali president naively considering some of the AMISOM troops is on his side where others against his government.

The inhabitants of Jubaland established in their state the government could not win propaganda program. Now Somali legislatures are considering  the existence of this misleading government against the wills of the Somali people, but it failed political led the country.