Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Jijiga, Rasaasa, Mar 18, 2021 – Reports from some regions of ogadenia state confirm a severe drought affecting livestock and rural people.
The Ethiopian-administered administration in the Ogaden region of Somalia has not released any news on the drought, although some international media outlets have reported on the drought in the Ogaden region.

Neither the Ogaden regional government nor the Ethiopian central government has yet commented on the drought in the Ogaden region. The region is experiencing frequent droughts due to the declining rainfall in the region each year. The Ethiopian government has not yet made any plans for the future of the region to address the recurring drought that is severely affecting people and livestock in the region.

The people of the region depend on livestock for their livelihood, which makes it difficult for people to live in the cities, as they have no skills related to urban life.

The Ethiopian government has a habit of reporting drought in the region when the situation worsens. If water and food aid are not delivered by the end of March and early April, the drought will affect many people and livestock.

By Rasaas