Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Three years already. Wow! I cannot believe that it was just three years ago that we heard the tragic news that dad had been brutally murder in Ogadenia. To this day we do not know the whereabouts of his body. They says that time will heal all wounds, in some cases that is true. However, I get angry as the time goes by, that Mohamed Omar Osman, Abdirahman Mahdi, Mohamed Ismaali and Cadaani Hiromogee could of possible thought that getting rid of my father would have solved all their problems.

Throughout the three years I have be surprised many times over of the generosity, support and love that the Ogaden people have give to me and my family. It has be difficult and sometime extremely painful, but the love that the Ogaden people had for my father always surprises me and reminds me of what he use to say to me “they are my people, it is my responsible to fight for them”.

Anyone that reads articles I have published will know my style and what I am passionate about. I have great respect for people of Ogaden and always pray that peace and stability will hopefully come to their parts of the world. It takes courage to fight for what one believes in and to work towards that goal. That is why I still to this day cannot believe why Mohamed Omar Osman decide to kill my father. It has achieved nothing other than to take a father, brother, uncle and friend from the people that loved him.

I imagine that one day justice for my father will be achieved in some shape or form, but I do think of what kind of justice I want. I still have not decided. Maybe after another three years I will not think that Mohamed Omar Osman, Abdidrahman Mahdi, Mohamed Ismaali and Cadaani Hiromogee deserve exactly what they did to my dad as a form of justice. Ok, I know I need think of good thoughts and ask Allah for peace. I have tried. My situation is not unique, many people have had their father, mother, sister ect murder and they know who did it. In my case I know too and so does everyone else, well the Somali community.

I have in pervious articles written exactly what I think of these men. So I will stick to tradition and say a few words of what I still think of these so called men. Mohamed Omar Osman, Abdirahman Mahdi, Mohamed Ismaali and Cadaani Hiromogee are all weak, stupid, jealous, money hungry and cowards. That is enough for now. See I am improving five adjective to describe these men. Normally for me, I rant on for a few pages. You cannot blame me. It is grief. I have lost my father and all I can do is focus all my energy on Mohamed Omar Osman. As I mentioned before it is anger that fuel me.

The three years have gone by so fast that I cannot believe that we have spent all this time without dad. It feels like he is still around guiding me with his wisdom and experiences. This is the one thing I miss the most, his wisdom and guidance. I use to ask him what I should do about this or that and he would think about it for a while and say come back to me. I smile just thinking about it, dad would never make a decision without thinking about it for a while. This use to drive me crazy! I would want instance advice and dad would say “Any decision worth making, you must first think about it” and I would be thinking but I want answers now. But you could never rush dad, especially when he was thinking. I learnt to appreciate this quality in my father and it makes me cry now thinking about all the things I will have to do without his wisdom and guidance.
I get very emotional thinking about my father and all the things he sacrificed for his people and how these men took it without thinking whom they were taking. My childhood was filled with Ogaden people coming to England and seeking out my father for advice and guidance with their own personal problems. This always amazed me that he could still relate to the people even though he had educated himself and was not in the same position as the people that came to him.  My dad use to always remind me if I became too big for my boots that I am the daughter of a refugee twice over. It never made sense, until he one day explained to me that he moved from Ogaden, his home to Somali and then to England. So now I use it to remind my sisters where they come from and to always remember that you are nothing without your identify.

The youth of Somali, Ogaden and Ethiopia will determine what the history books say about our contributions to the horn of Africa. Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal will be remembered for the love he had for his people and the things he did for them. The Ogaden is recognized because my father and other before him and after him are working to establish peace and stability in the region. For the people in the region to be able to get basic human rights like food, water and shelter. It will be the youth that decides what will be acceptable in their country. East Africa is changing and in a few years young educated East Africans will come home and bring with them what they have learnt. The other African nationals have a mixture of people that contribute to the overall economy. It is better to have a country that is at peace with each other then conflict. Nothing can be achieved with conflict among its people. Hate and anger are not the ingredients for peace, but love, compassion and the willingness to work together to make our nation peaceful and stable enough to be able to live in harmony.

My father always said to me that people need freedom, once that is achieved anything else is possible. This is true and I have tried in my own way to support the people of Ogadenia. The peace initiative in San Diego was need and I was grateful to be a part of it. We do need to talk about the issues that affect our people, however we need to take action and implement them on the ground. So that change takes place and we do not became stagnant. My father’s assassination has given me a reason to be a part of the solution and to bring to the table my experiences and education, to not be bitter because my father would not want me to. I will always be working towards getting justice for my father and if it takes another 10 years to achieve this then so be it. It is not until we have achieved justice for the people that Mohamed Omar Osman has murder that we can move forward and start the process of building a stable and peaceful country. The future is uncertain but we can all hope and work with the hope that our efforts will be not in vain. A little change in is better than no change, if we can at least be united in helping the less fortunate members of our community then we will of achieved something.

Thank you.

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