Thu. May 26th, 2022

Dr.MS Dolal 1954 - 2009

The news from Addis Ababa is that the final agreement has been signed between ONLF and Ethiopia. Therefore congratulations are in order to the people of Ogadenia and the ONLF for organising peace talks with Ethiopia and agreeing to a ceasefire in the region.

The Ethiopian government must take action to rid the region of the military presents and to withdraw all weapons from the area, so that it does not create tension between the people of Ogadenia and the Ethiopian military. I hope that this happens soon and that the Ethiopian government informs their military personal of the new changes, I understand that it will take time to filter through the new situation in Ogadenia. The relationship between the Ogaden people and Ethiopia is fraught with history and conflict, which will take time to heal.

The history of many nations is fraught with conflict and many of our children, sisters and brothers study it. It is foolish to continue fighting something that the people do not want. It is easy for us that have the luxury of living in the west or in lands that are stable and at peace to say lets fight and continue this conflict until our entire men, women and children die. We are not there and we do not have to see everyday the aftermath of the Ethiopia-Ogadenia conflict.

Therefore let’s support our people and congratulate them on creating a future that we never thought would happen in our life time. Too many Ogaden people have had to become refugees in other counties so that they could survive. Is it not time that we spent our energy’s on trying to build a home for our children.

Imagine our homeland with peace and development. In the next few years we can build a home for our children and teach them about Ogadenia. It is important to know what kind of freedom one wants before embarking on a war. A century of conflict with Ethiopia has left us with no home to speak of and no where we can call home. If this new peace agreement can give the people of Ogadenia some stability and some freedom then why should we not support our men and women that have been working tirelessly to get this agreement made official.

I hope this new agreement with Ethiopia would finally give us some peace surrounding the mystery of my father’s assassination and the Ethiopian government can tell us the truth. Furthermore it would bring some closure to this tragic death we have all had to endure.

I am very grateful for the ONLF’s efforts in trying to organise the peace talks with Ethiopia and I congratulate you all for making history. It has been a struggle deciding to finally come together and work out our differences. It is a responsibility that we all have to support each other in our time of need.

There are some people that would like to sabotage the peace talks between Ethiopia and Ogadenia and we must not let that happen. However there are many that full support the peace talks and are contributing to a better Ogadenia. These are the people that we need to congratulate and praise for their contributions and give them all the support they may need so that we continue talking to each other and finding solution to our problems instead of just complaining about them.

It is our duty to solve our problems and we need educated, forward-thinking and compassionate people to be part of the solution not the problem. So many congratulations to the ONLF for it hard work and positive progress, we will have peace at last.

By Rasaas