Thu. May 26th, 2022

photo49July 23, 2014 – Famous Somali musician and member of parliament Sado Ali Warsame was today killed in the Somali capital Mogadishu by armed gun men.

According to eyewitness the gun men blocked Hon. Sado Ali car before spraying bullets near ambassador hotel in Maka Al Mukarama road in Mogadishu.

She was killed along side her body guard.

The Al Qaida linked Al-Shabaab militant group has claimed the responsibility of the attack immediately.

The group spokesman Abdulaziz Abu Musab has told the media that she was targeted for her politics and not for her music.

Hon Warsame is the fourth member of Parliament to be killed in Mogadishu in 2014.

She rose to fame during the time of former President Siad Barre, who was overthrown in 1991, with her nationalist songs which were critical of his rule which led to her imprisonment several times.

By Rasaas