Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Jijiga -[ July 21, 2010], According to a news transmitted by Jijiga FM has confirmed that members of ONLF central committees have freed from the Ethiopian Jail in Jijiga.

The newly appointed transitional president of the Somali regional administration Abdi Mohoud Omar ordered the release pocket of prisoners among a member of ONLF central committee.

Abdi Nur Soyan and Dhiire Afi are released prisoners they are central committee of ONLF and both were captured in the Somali autonomous of Puntland in early 2008.

Soyan was a significant figure in ONLF operations before his arrest.

Soon, after his release, Abdi Nur Soyan announced that he has rejoined his organization, which has just signed peace talk with the Ethiopian government in June 2010.

His release may boost many people in the region to participate or get confident the ONLF peace initiative programme in the Ogaden region.

Bile Xasan

By Rasaas