Thu. May 26th, 2022

puntlandJijiga, August 25, 2013 – Ministerial and businessmen delegates from Puntland state led by the minister of employment, employees and sports Mr. Abdiweli Hersi arrived at Jijiga and has begun a friendly visit for several days.

The Puntland envoys have landed this morning at Garaad Wiil-wall international Airport. The Puntland envoys were welcomed at the airport by officials from the Somali state of Ethiopia.

The Puntland delegate was heading by Abdiwali Hersi Abdule [Indho-gudhan] are including; vice minister of home affairs Cali Yuusuf Cali Xoosh, 2nd vice of the presidential minister Ahmed Aided, governor of Bari region, Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan, Chief Garaase and group of businessmen.

The visit is about the strengthening the friendship relation between the two regions; such as tightening security and economic cooperation.. During the stay, they will take meeting of the authority officials and parts of civil societies.

The first meeting between the two states held today at the presidential centre of the Somali state of Ethiopia, were signed in an offer of 75 scholarship places will get Puntland.


By Rasaas