Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

6 aJijiga, July 24, 2013 – President Abdi and his delegate reached at Baray district in the Afdher region. On his arrival at Barey thousand of people welcomed president Abdi, those waving green leaves and flowers by singing songs praising on him.

Wherever he has visited people at the different districts welcomed showing him love and happiness they have with him. He is touching hearts and minds of the people outreach the remote areas, where before him, no one from Ethiopian officials reached on.

It is a first time; he has visited this region, since appointed him as president of the Somali region in October 2010.The previous presidents did not care people they rule and never paid visit to the far districts. Previous administrations always had used propaganda to justify their weakness due to a threat from the rebel, despite rebel operated few regions exclude Afdher region.

The international donors clashed with Ethiopia, when severe drought affected and killed thousand people in the Somali region in 2000. Ethiopia used this region as a battlefield border controlled enemy crossing into its mainland.

Ethiopia began development activity to the Somali region for the last three years after the peace accord signed with function rebels. Since then, the government allowed some power to practice the current administration that did not have previous authorities.

President Abdi is cleverness does not accept losing any opportunity could benefit by the people throughout the region. His journey to the Nogob, Shabelle, Liban and Afdheer regions will bring prompt projects promoting community living condition.


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