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Jijiga, Sep 15, 2013 – President Abdi, Abay Tsehaye and significant number of federal delegation escorted by huge armored vehicles went to travel by land through Jijiga to Gode.

The delegate left Kebri Dehar this morning throughout the villages of Korahe region heading to Denan district where they reached at midday.

Source of this information received Dhanan media in Somali text.

ย None of the ย local and the national media across the country aired the travel of the President Abdi and the delegate with him. It may be kept quiet for a security reason.

It may be suggestion, that they inspect progress made by the farming projects intended for nomadic resettlement at Shabelle region.

President Abdi makes travel frequently to the abroad and in the locals by acting as a chauvinist of the Somali regional state for the federal Ethiopia.

One month ago, he went long travel by crossing to the several regions where people in that places never met an official government, since Ethiopia surrendered the Ogaden region for seventy-two years.

He returned travel recently from China to UAE, that the media did not publish the aim of the journeys.He was attended an event held at Sheraton Hotel, which called Kali ceremony honoured for the Somali culture, and the history made in Kali.

As well as he attended the traditional folkloric dance contested by the nine regions of the Somali administration held in Sayyid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan Hall at Jijiga.

Somali regional state makes a significance economic growth under rule of Abdi Mohamud Omar.

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