Thu. May 26th, 2022

president AbdiJijiga, 26, 2013 –¬†Close sources to Addis Ababa are confirmed that President Abdi Mohamud Omar will travel to Beijing tomorrow for farming experience to be witness crops suitable planting at Somali state of Ethiopia.

The news does not disclose who and how many people going with him the trip to the China. President Abdi was being in Addis Ababa for one week to contribute the reconciling role for meeting held here the Somali federal government and the Jubaland State of Somalia.

This travel it has been waiting as planned for long time. During his visit President Abdi and whoever with him will meet chinese farmers will have given explanation and experience about planting rice crops.

Its expected that professionals from the ministry of agriculture will travel with the President Abdi. Those will obtain experience-related planting crops and use of fertilizers to the farming.

By Rasaas