Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Jijiga, Dec 20, 2021 – Over the past two months there has been a growing outcry over the severe drought in the Ogaden region that has affected people and animals.

According to eyewitnesses in Dollo region, civilians died of thirst due to the lack of water in the Ogaden region. In the middle of last month, water shortages caused by the drought were reported to be killing livestock as water shortages affected nine regions of the Ogaden region. Dollo, Korahe, Nogob, Liban, Dawo, Dhagabur and Erar have been severely affected by the drought and there have been reports of deaths of people and animals.

As water and pasture dwindled, pastoralists in the Ogaden region began to disperse to the western part of the Ogaden region and Somalia where the western end followed the spring rains to the south with light rains last month.

The remaining pastoralists in the Ogaden region are struggling to fetch water for the tribes as tribal elders raise their voices to the diaspora and business people in the Ogaden region.

No rain is expected for the next four months, and the people of the Ogaden region are deeply concerned.
There is no aid for the people and their livestock in the Ogaden region, whether it is from the Somali region, Ethiopia or internationally.

Drought is rampant in the Ogaden region and it is unfortunate that Ethiopia, which controls the region, has not made any plans to prevent a devastating drought.

Without emergency relief for people and animals in the region, it is expected that by the end of January, many people and animals will die of starvation and lack of water in the Ogaden region.

By Rasaas