Fri. May 20th, 2022

Nairobi, Aug 14, 2018 – Since the Ethiopian troops took over the control of the Somali regional state increased instability and fear has risen to the local civilians due to the military presence. Reports we have received from the independent source confirmed that the military personals killed innocent civilians in the different places unaccounted official death toll reaches around 59 victims.

It’s impossible to receive independent information from the region due to the ban imposed by federal government all the international media and non-governmental organisations.

Ethiopian government banned from International Red Cross and (Médecins Sans Frontières) MSF to operate the Somali region since 2007. The region has been under curfew since 2007 in the Somali regional state, while 9 Chinese oil explorers killed at Obale Village near to Jijiga. The consecutive actions took the new Ethiopian government worsened the situation in the Somali state.

For the latest victims killed in the Somali region occurred in Jijiga, Gode, Kebri Dehar and Warder, which follow brief conflict between Military and demonstrators.

By Rasaas