Wed. May 25th, 2022

The Oromia Regional State has given appointments for 23 high-ranking officials today among whom some are officials currently holding ministerial portfolios at the federal government.

According to the official Facebook account of the outgoing regional communications head, Adissu Arega, the new appointments will bring about efficiency and effectiveness in the regional administration. Accordingly:

  1. Teiba Hassen, former mayor of Shasemene, was appointed as Deputy President of the Region;
  2. Girma Amente (PhD), Minister of Public Enterprises, was appointed  as the Region’s urban and housing bureau head;
  3. Negeri Lencho (PhD), Head of government communications affairs office with ministerial portfolio, was appointed  as the regional communications affairs bureau head;
  4. Assegid Getachew, was appointed  as head of the office of the president of the regional government;
  5. Chaltu Sani, mayor of Legedadi-Legetafo town, was appointed  as head of Oromia Revenues Authority;
  6. Milkessa Midaga (PhD), vice president of Oromia State University, was appointed  as the Region’s Youth and Sport bureau head;
  7. Alemu Simie (PhD), State minister of industry, was appointed as head of Oromia water, mines and energy bureau head;
  8. Sisay Gemechu, CEO of Industrial Parks Development Corporation, was appointed  as Oromia industrial development agency head;
  9. Habiba Siraj was appointed  as mayor of Legedadi-Legetafo town;
  10. Elfinesh Bayecha, was appointed  as mayor of Adama town;
  11. Zeyneba Adem, was appointed  as head of Assela Zone administration;
  12. Mohammed Kemal, was appointed  as head of Arsi Zone administration;
  13. Lelissa Wakwaya, was appointed  as head of Western Wolega zone administration;
  14. Chala Begna, was appointed  as deputy mayor of Burayu town;
  15. Desta Bukulu, was appointed  as mayor of Shashemene;
  16. Kaba Hunde, was appointed  as deputy head of Youth and Sports Bureau;
  17. Assefa Kumsa, was appointed  as head of Oromia Water Works and Design Enterprise;
  18. Abera Buno, was appointed  as head of Western Guji Zone administration;
  19. Nebiyu Dabesu, was appointed  as head of Kelem Wolega Zone administration;
  20. Bogale Shuma, was appointed  as mayor of Nekempte town;
  21. Adanech Abebe, mayor of Adama town, was appointed  as head of OPDO secretariat;
  22. Addisu Arega, head of the regional communications affairs office, was appointed  as OPDO’s political and Rural mobilization bureau head and
  23. Kefyalew Ayana, was appointed as OPDO’s Political and Urban mobilization bureau head.


By Rasaas