Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Jijiga, Mar 14, 2021 – The latest incident took place in Wijiwaaji village in a shocking incident against an innocent family, but their father is a member of the ONLF.

Sharif Abdiaziz Sharif Ahmed Nur, a resident of Wijiwaaji Village in Shekosh District of Korahe Region, was forcibly evicted from his residence and his belongings were thrown outside.

According to sources, the house was attacked by Shekosh District Veterinary Officer Farah Haji Majakoos (Farah Ogaden) of the ruling EPP.

Farah stormed the house and forcibly moved the sheriff’s belongings using government power in his designated office in Shekosh district.

Farah reportedly spoke to Sharif on the phone, who was out of town, telling him to leave the ONLF party of which Sharif was a member, which Sharif rejected.

Sharif Abdiaziz lives in a house owned by the Ministry of Livestock and is a veterinarian in Wijiwaji Village.

Sharif begged the soldiers to allow him to move his belongings freely without intimidating the children. But the head of the Shekosh Veterinary Office rejected the request and ordered the soldiers to forcibly remove goods and children from the house.

This is against the law of the land and public safety and a violation of the rights and existence of citizenship.

By Rasaas