Sat. May 28th, 2022

Severe fuel shortages in the Somali region with the price of a liter of petrol exceeding 70 birr. The level of oil scarcity in the region is crippling the poor living conditions in the Somali region. The population of Jijiga is estimated at 1.2 million and it is reported that it is currently facing a crisis due to lack of fuel which has led to reduced trade activity. You see long queues at petrol stations with no fuel at all.

The local government has set the price per liter of petrol to be 31.74, but petrol stations are selling more than 70 birr per liter. In order to control the rising oil prices, the government has deployed police officers to the petrol stations to monitor the sale of petrol, but it is said that the police themselves are working with the petrol stations as they receive cash from the petrol stations. Police guard in petrol stations are reportedly arresting anyone who speaks out on the black market price at petrol stations.

Traffic activity has been unusually low in Jijiga and there has been a significant increase in fuel tankers crossing the border into Somalia due to high fuel prices in Somalia.

Oil companies are not the only ones trading the black market across the border but some local government officials are aware of this business and their only ambition is to make more money.

The public openly states that there is no law and order in the Somali region, but people are maintaining security in the region as the region has been in conflict for a long time.

By Rasaas