Sat. May 21st, 2022

Hundreds of women from the Ogaden Somali region who lost their husbands in the liberation struggle in the Ogaden are patriotically appealing to the Somali people to support the Ogaden National Liberation Front’s struggle for independence.

Most of these women are in the Ogaden Somali region, while others are in refugee camps in Kenya and neighboring countries. These women fully and patriotically support the struggle for independence in the Ogaden Somali region.

Most of these women have orphans whose fathers were killed in the ongoing conflict in the Somali region of Ogaden. Although women have a responsibility to raise their children, they are still fighting for the independence of the Ogaden Somalis, contributing as much as they can; caring for ONLF members who were disabled during the war, collecting donations from the communities in support of the war against colonialism, sewing symbols of the Ogaden struggle, wearing the symbols of the Ogaden Somali struggle, mobilizing the community and participating in conferences campaigning for the Ogaden Somali struggle.

The most powerful engine of the Ogaden liberation struggle is from women and Ogaden Somali women aspire to be independent of the Ogaden Somali community in the region where they do not have to worry about the arrest and killing of their children, husbands and brothers.

There are women whose genitals are stuffed with hot peppers, punishable by putting a plastic bag containing hot peppers on their heads, and being soaked in cold water to force them to confess and not commit a crime. Crimes against women in the Ogaden are rare in the world.

There are many women in the region and Ethiopian troops mistreating, victims are still visible marks on the body as the victim was tortured; Some had their breasts amputated, some had their ears amputated, some had their fingers amputated, some had their legs amputated, and some had signs of strangulation. These women will not receive compensation that slightly neglects their punishment, be it financial or psychological support as the Ogaden has not yet gained independence from Ethiopian occupation.

I recently heard that a politicized fund has been set up to care for the victims of the war in the Ogaden region.
The shortcomings of the established Fund include; The fund was established three years after the change of administration in the Somali region, and there is still no registration of war victims in the regions and districts. It is a time of transition and unpredictable civil war in Ethiopia. The Somali region was excluded from last month’s Ethiopian elections for political reasons against the ONLF, and now there is a conspiracy by the administration to remove the ONLF from the political arena. which in turn should be brought into the political looga trucks already fired.

If it is true that the Somali Regional State received a donation fund collected from public which is $1.7mln, it would be better for the Ogaden Somali women to be given their fair share through a fair process. but if it is funded by private individuals or be used for political purposes it will be a scandal that will never go away from present head of the Somali regional authority.

By Rasaas