Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

We condemn the criminal killing of Sheikh Mohamed Dubad Hirsi, a well known Islamic scholar and member of the UWSLF’ top leadership circle by the fanatic organization that financed, trained and equipped by the terrorist country of Eritrea led by Mohamed Omar Osman.

The peace in the Somali region of Ethiopia will not and can’t be stopped by these mercenaries’ actions. The Diaspora is waiting the Kenya Government’s final investigation findings. Whoever was behind this dastardly act is a criminal and inherently inhuman and must be brought in to justice here in the Diaspora and in Africa.

We also condemn the radical cleric who gave the bogus fatwa for the Sheikh Mohamed’s killing.
Finally, we stand by the victims in grief and sadness over the unjustified and utterly inhuman tragedy they had to face.

Ogaden American Community of North America
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States of America

By Rasaas