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9 aJijiga, Aug 14, 2013 – Henceforth and beyond the Nogob, region needs a huge effort starting from the zero economic ground that inherited from the previous Ethiopian regimes and without changing this desperate situation compromise of security will return in imminent.

It’s a beginning of new era for development and end of an old era of evil politics and oppression to the Somali state of Ethiopia. For the first time in 98 years Fiiq the capital of the largest Nogob region in the Somali state has received a twenty four electricity power.

The activity projected Fiiq city electricity started in 2010 with triangle cooperation between the central government, the Somali regional authority and the government-owned electricity company it completed with large expectation and joys of the people.

The project was opened in an organised ceremonial attended by mass of people included the federal minister of energy Mr. Ayale and the president of the Somali regional authority Abdi Mohamoud Omar. On the occasion opened electricity project spoke Somali President Abdi, minister of energy Ayale, the ex-politician Mr. Mahdi Ayub and traditional community chiefs Habane and Nour. All the speakers underlined the crucial benefit of this project has to the people of Fiiq and overall the Nogob region.

This electricity project will extend to the other districts within the Nogob region in the next coming years. You cannot imagine the joy and happiness to the Fiiq people by receiving electricity, because their children can learn during the night that improve in education. ย People can make better business with electricity, and clinic can operate day and night.

This is a basic service obliged on every authority providing its society, unfortunately Fiiq community received this time, and many similar towns are waiting this service. Fiiq community gave big thanks to the authority for offering such project, which is shame to the Ethiopian governments over the past, including current one.

Attending at Fiiq electricity ceremonial event, President Abdi proceeded journey throughout four regions to see and observe the fact conditions are living the Somali community in the region. On tv clips broadcasted on the newly established Ethiopian Somali television; I was shocked and get anger seeing the desperation and poverty they are living in the community. ย But I convince myself ย how the president gets to involve solving the problem to the community which he not caused in person. He showed the people humble manner and how he regrets the situation they are and for long. The communities were begging President Abdi ย to bring water and road, but they do not know his limited power. This is a shame full message to the Ethiopian federal government to watch in this situation for the people under its control.

The land and people on the TV clips where President Abdi traveled through on car has seemed a new land has found on recently, but no one thought that the land and the community are part of Ethiopian control.

In many times international communities were questioned to Ethiopia in what reason suffers people on its under control and it justified than for insecurity. Now its obvious that there is no security threat in the Somali state of Ethiopia, and people need better treatment. Nobody can predict whether Ethiopia made a change to the region, or it will seek another reason forbidding progress in the region.

President Abdi told the audiences that his authority recently bought enough machineries intended to boost development to the Somali region and make a base for machines at Nogob region.


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