Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Jijiga, Aug 04, 2018 – There are rumors that ONLF is readily participating the next Somali regional administration in Ethiopia without condition. If this is true, there will be serious questions about the ONLF principles of the freedom struggle. ONLF carried out guerrilla fight against Ethiopia more than 27 consecutive years that it inherited from two rebels fought for self-determination to the Ogaden region, before ONLF with similar principles. In truth, the ONLF’s first basic principle is self-determination to reach that it has to follow the simplest one in two options; gun-bullet or political dialogue. ONLF claims that it was forced to enter in 1994 that caused a great loss to human beings, asset, political disturbance and sabotaging the economic development of the region.

If rumors are true then the ONLF organization and its supporters will be traitors breached basic principles of our struggle. For sure Ethiopia will prosecute later to bring the criminal justice for causing great loss the country in the name of freedom fighters.

Freedom struggles led by ONLF supported entirely by the Somalis in the Ogaden. For this in favor, Ethiopian military forces and its puppet militia called Liyu Police carried out collective punishment to the civilian. They burnt over sixty 

Ethiopia is the only black colonial nation colonizing illegally to another black nation. As well as Ethiopia indirectly colonizes the African Union that represent the African nations to live in freedom and harmony. Unfortunately, the center of the African Union is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where the union still using constitution based on the ideology of the white colonialism. African Union unable to demarcate in the colonialists’ problematic border divided inhomogeneous people and then, placed in an exogenous group those share nothing.

Ethiopia’s new leader will rule in his country with similar policy guided by previous leaders which base on colonialism and discrimination. The question of Ogaden occupation will go back to the colonial era of the British empire in the nineteenth century. Ending the British Empire’s colonialism system in Africa left the continent border confusion, Africa itself unable to adjust mess up borders for this the Ogaden people have been suffering over a century under Ethiopian colony. 

ONLF has remained the biggest threat to Ethiopia for the last twenty-seven years for demanding an independence to the Somali region (known Ogaden region). ONLF never labeled or registered internationally as a terrorist group, but it was recognized warriors fighters for the freedom Ogaden region.

To benefit financially and militarily Ethiopia persuades America taking front-line role fighting terrorism active in the horn of the African. UnfortunatelyEthiopia labeled its oppositions and freedom fighter as terrorist groups, the government put in jails hundred thousands of the local activist.

New prime minister of Ethiopia released entire prisoners and issued declaration removing the list of terrorists opposition groups and freedom fighters. Prime mister of Ethiopia called recently ONLF peace talk and to participate reconstruction of the country.

Furthermore, as we have had the experience of the Ethiopian secretive culture Abiye will not be honest talk he called ONLF

By Rasaas