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faysal-250x300 On October 29, 2016, Abdi Mohamoud Omar, the President of the Somali Regional State* executed my younger brother Faysal Muhumed Omer, who was 36 year old. The President ordered the killing, but I have the names of the three other people who planned and executed this horrific and unimaginable execution.

Even worse is the physical and mental situation of my 70 year old father, who is tortured beyond belief. He saw his own son being thrown from a speeding car to his death. I urge President Abdi Mohamoud Omar to allow my father to be taken to Addis Ababa for treatment. His health is deteriorating following the killing of his son. He has the right to get medical access. He should not be denied such a basic right.

I have received credible threats that President Abdi Mohamoud Omar is trying to continue his killing spree of my family. He is now going after my children and my wife, who are now seeking safety in Kenya. It is important to note that the Ethiopian Federal Government is not after my life or my family’s life. Two days ago, I got assurances that my family inside Ethiopia will not be harmed. I do, however, not trust any assurances or guarantees from the Ethiopian Federal Government regarding the lives of my wife and children. It would be extremely irresponsible of me to trust any verbal or written guarantee from the Federal Government. I am not willing to gamble on the lives of those I can save. The only guarantee the Ethiopian Government can credibly provide is to remove all powers from the President – this clearly mentally unfit person whom they have imposed on 6 million people. The Ethiopian Government, however, would be lying to themselves if they think they can stop him. He will always find new and clever ways of murdering people.

The President says that my father has secretly recorded a video in which the President talks about how my brother’s death happened. He is alleging the video was then taken by my younger brother and that it has been sent to people outside of Ethiopia. The President asks my father to tell him the names of the people he sent it to. Since my father is the main witness to this case, I urge the Ethiopian Federal Government to once again guarantee his safety although I know that they cannot control President Abdi. I call upon the international community, particularly the United States, UK and EU, to put pressure on the Federal Government to provide armed security protection (from the Federal Government) to my father, who refused to seek asylum and decided to face his fate in his hometown.

Abdi Mohamoud Omar has started torturing my sick father, mother, sisters, brothers, and close relatives. He wants them to say that my brother Faysal was mentally unstable and threw himself from the speeding car. I am now worried about the safety of my remaining family members in Ethiopia. I kindly urge and plead to the Ethiopian Federal Government to relocate my family members to Addis Ababa as soon as possible. I am appealing to the Kenyan government, to the international diplomatic community in Kenya and to human rights activists to do all they can to save the lives of my innocent children and their mother.

I have promised that I will not rest even one day before I get justice for my family and, more importantly, for the thousands of people suffering like me but who lack the strength to say no to injustice. I just hope and pray that my and my family’s personal tragedy, and the blood of my brother, will eventually lead to a better situation for the abused and oppressed people of the Somali Regional State. I am an UN staff member and it is my responsibility to focus on the lives on my family, but I want to state that what I am going through is shared by tens of thousands of my fellow Ethiopian Somalis.

I will say it again: This death will not be the last one. The Ethiopian Federal Government is either encouraging these killings or has no power to stop it. I refuse to believe the latter but the dead body of my brother is making me think otherwise. To oppose the government is my constitutional right. But my brother was not killed because I opposed the government. This death was ordered to prove a point: Abdi Mohamoud Omar is the most powerful person in Ethiopia, and nobody can save anyone he does not like.

Allah yarham, brother. You know how much I love you. All I can do is to take care of your children and family, if they also survive this madness.

20th November 2016  By Mustafa Omer

A fundraising campaign is launched to call attention to the human rights violations against Faysal Muhumed Omar who was executed on 29 October 2016 in the Somali Regional state of Ethiopia. Donations will be used to cover legal expenses. To learn more and support the campaign, click here:

This article is consists of five Facebook posts, posted on Mustafa Omers Facebook on October 29, October 30, October 31, November 2, 2016. Published with permission. 


*A name for the Ogaden region in eastern Ethiopia.

By Rasaas