Sat. May 21st, 2022

The president of the Ogaden Somali Regional State, Mustafe Cagjar, who was attending a ceremony to evaluate the prison guards, said at the event that “some people are saying drought.”

This man is said to be the president of the Somali Ogaden and he thinks he is at war with the imprisoned former president Abdi Iley. Ethiopia should have shown that Abdi Iley is in prison.

Mustafe Cagjar has been the president of the Somali region for three years and more and the people are not thankful for his leadership. Mustafe Cagjar makes derogatory remarks at public gatherings.

Somalis in the Ogaden are experiencing the worst drought since 1974. The so-called prolonged drought has wiped out people and animals, and Ethiopia has since relocated drought survivors to the Shabelle region.

The current drought in the region is causing livestock and pastoralists to die of starvation and lack of water. The president of the Ogaden Somali region is unaware that the region is experiencing a severe drought that is decimating people and animals. Mustafe Cagjar does not seem to mind the current crisis in the region, but he does seem to be dreaming and talking about the past.

Mustafe Cagjar is like the man who ran away from the Elephant and the tree threw his eyes away and when asked something he just said “is the object bigger than an elephant”

The ceremony was attended by Kulmiye Garaad Mohamed, the former mayor of Gode, Ahmed Abi Matan, chairman of the Islamic Council, Ahmed Haji Samatar and others. They all talked about old stories that could please the missing mind of Mustafe Cagjar who was always preoccupied with things that were not in the public interest.

By Rasaas