Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The Ogaden community accross the globe cannot continue to suffer and terrorised by few criminals who enjoy sucking blood and killing our best off-springs. The threat to kill, actions taken and assasinations plotted are all more than enough evidencies to accuse these criminals in our midst. Ogaden community has witnessed the fall of their best leaders killed by ONLF in the name of struggle and they all enjoy when millions of us cry in silence. Their actions and their attitude and perception of their hyneous activity suggest that this group will only continue to target and assasinate more people.

Ogaden community has been tormented for decades by various and competing groups and they have gained long experience to tolarate and moved on. But these new actions of killings and assisinations have completly changed the Ogaden cause. We all know that ONLF has killed and masterminded uncountable civilian deaths and intentionally targrted. We all know that their have enlisted more than 50 individuals acrros the globe to be assassinated. We cannot wait to watch our beloved leaders, community members to be hit hard and dissappear from the earth.

It is not the actions of the crooked people and the terrorist that is hurting us deeply, but its the inactions of the majority -the good people. It is you and me that have chosen to watch the unfolding situations and remain silent. ONLF has assumed then, that they have the power to decide one’s life and when to terminate by organising paid criminals to carry out the task. Their leaders wait eagerly to hear the death of our beloved citizens.

Jamal Dheere was killed in cold blood by ONLF in Korahey Zone and they have celebrated. Dr Dolaal was killed in action and we remained silent when we know they hit their prime target. Whilst we were moarning and deeply wounded, ONLF was bussy plotting their next targets. Liqoowe was killed and wa again cried loudly and no action was taken to counteract this group. It was not far when they again killed Biniin in the same city and again we have been awakened. Not to mention the countless elders and mothers they have killed.

We know that ONLF has abducted, threatened and killed aid workers including Sulub OWDA director in Fiiq Zone, OWDA cannot say this , afraid of their reaction, and an Aid worker English man gunned down in Wardher Zone. This group terrorise aid workers and ask them for bribe if they want to work in the region. WFP, UNICEF, OWDA and others were among many aid agencies whose services were hindered by this group.

We waited so long, paid and suffered too much and this MUST stop and come to an end. ONLF is a terrorist group that target and kill innocent and civilians not only Ogaden, but in everywhere. It happened in South Africa and they have tried in in Sweden. They have now done in Kenya and Killed Sheekh Mohamed Dubad in cold blood inside his home. No remose shown to his children to see the horror and fall of their beloved bread earning and their role model. He fell down and collapsed while his son watched and could not help. As a result of this we are all greiving across the globe, but ONLF are working on their next target whether in Kenya or in other places.

In North America Ogaden community is organising meetings and confrences to condem and collectively pray for the loss of Sheekh Mohamed. In Europe and East Africa the devastation is felt with intense pain and community is organising to come together and plan next steps. We have done this before and gathered in thousands and that did not stop this terrorist group and they took no notice. While we are greiving and crying there are others who are enjoying and teasing for the loss they have masterminded. These are not in Ogaden and neither they are only in Africa, but they all here in West, North America, Australia and in Europe where law and order is . They call and text each other in jubilation.

Terrorist is well defined in national and international documents and ONLF is over qualified to be granted the certificate. If we then know this group and we know they are bussy in plotting another assasinations why do wait?

Ogaden community is urged to take this seriously and report this group, individuals to the nearest police stations, own MPs, congressman and inform that this group is killing, maiming and threating our people here in the West, Africa and across the globe.

Recently voted one of the safest city in Africa Garissa today is in a shock and despair. Its citizens are devastated and dissappointed. The city that has given home to thousands of Ogadens who fled from their homeland in search of better life is now in rethinking mode. Those who inhabited there and made good progress in their life are now in a limbo and know not next actions and what tomorrow brings. ONLF is the responsible sole of this action and they have to pay the price.

Prilimanary research conducted by the author has indicated that sevaral countries including EU states and USA have been thinking outlowing this group on the basis of their actions, but this was hampered when Ethiopia has intervened and tried to push the case. It is not Ethiopia’s role to get this group outlowed and given their entitled certifiacate(Terrorist). It is us who are suffering, its mums and dads, brothers and sisters who were devastated by their actions. ONLF kills no Ahmara, nor they assisinate Tigre and others. They kill and target Ogaden individuals and we have to take this cause in our hands.

Conclusively, ONLF is a terrorist group and their active members are all terrorists and they MUST be apprehended to the nearest authorities. They want to kill and threat innocent people. They made millions of Ogadens to suffer and mourn in large group. But more painfully they are contemplating and plotting their next target. No Need to Wait and We Must Act Swiftly.

Al Haji

By Rasaas