Sat. May 21st, 2022

legSomali state President Abdi Mohamoud Omar has opened today a new memorial statue built at Jijiga for Miles Zinwai, the ex-prime minister of Ethiopia. Speaking on the memorial ceremony president said, ” the state will remember this sculpture to our great leader and his achievement,”  continuing his speech said, “it is the first one built in Ethiopia for Miles, and we are proud to build it in the Somali State soil.”

Somali State president had a close friend with the Miles Zinawi and his family, Meles death was affected him deeply, but still he is enjoying friendship relation to the ruling party and the family. Brave Somali State president never hide what is on his mind. Some people belief that the new err in the Somali state is brought by his bravery manner, while others believe him a hand-made man by the TPLF.

However, the administration exaggerates more praising ex- prime minister and already named the referral hospital for the  region, and possibly will call other public buildings,  which irritate other Ethiopian administrations like Amara and Oromo.



By Rasaas