Thu. May 26th, 2022

Kenya is playing with ashes under live charcoal, forgetting that charcoal is still alive. Kenya is one of the countries with Somali territories where no agreement has yet been reached on how to restore it. The North Eastern Province of Kenya (NFD) is on the Somali side and its inhabitants are Somalis and suffer a lot of abuses as they are Somalis who do not want to be part of Kenya.

Somalia has been in a state of civil war for nearly three decades without a government. The ongoing civil war in Somalia was caused by Kenya and Ethiopia, both occupying Somali territory and hostile to Somalia. Neither Kenya nor Ethiopia is expected to serve the interests of Somalis, but they are working to ensure that Somalia no longer has a strong central government.

It is a political mistake for a Somali politician to side with Ethiopia and Kenya, making one an enemy and the other a good friend. It is unprecedented for a Somali president or politician to serve the colonialists. Qalbi-dhagax is an official of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, the same place where the Farmajo government first branded the ONLF a terrorist organization.

The current political turmoil in Somalia follows the political mistakes of the Farmajo government. It is a political genius and stubbornness created by the Farmajo government that disrupting today’s elections in Somalia is a clear threat and is responsible for Farmajo’s behaviour. There is a clear return of tribalism that has been treated in Somalia for thirty years, at the behest of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Kenya’s extraordinary relationship with Jubaland administration or inviting with a red carpet for the president of the Somaliland administration intended Nairobi to offend the Somali government Farmajo’s dictatorial fault offer a golden chance to Kenya. The Somali government responsible for all Somalis, unfortunately, political irresponsibility for Abdulahi Farmajo for fighting with idiots oppose his rule has made the Somali people being vulnerable today by Kenya and Ethiopia to use our regional administration to the detriment of Somalia’s sovereignty.

I think Kenyan politicians beating drums with blindness for the secession of the Somaliland administration from Somalia but they had forgotten Somali missing territory in search is in Kenya that labelled NFD belongs to the Somali nation. The return of NFD to Somalia is easier than to separate of the Somaliland administration from Somalia. If Jomo Kenyatta illegally invades the NFD, it does not mean that Kenya owns Somali territory. Uhuru Kenyatta’s threats against Somalis go down in history, and they mourn the incurable injuries that Jomma’s father inflicted on Somalis.

By Rasaas