Wed. May 18th, 2022

ethiopian-troopsThe head of the Ethiopian federal defense counsel and Somali authority officials arrived at Kebri Dehar town on November 22, 2013, to inform the dwellers about the relocation of three barricades.

The military garrisons have been present in the centre to the town for many years due to conflicts and distrust between the Somali Ogaden people and the Ethiopian regime.

The Ogaden region had been under curfew since Britain surrendered it to the control of Ethiopia in 1954.

The barricades have been an obstacle for extending the town and has severely affected efforts for town planning. According to TV and radio Jijiga, removing these blockades the town will boost the beauty.

This decision has been reached after a long negotiation between the Somali authorities and the ministry of federal defense. People are welcoming the news that the government are relocating the garrisons outside of the town.

The meeting supporting this outcome was held at the Kebri Dehar conference hall, where officials and elders expressed during speeches the importance of this decision and the fact that it belongs the public.

The defense force refused previously to vacate the barricades inside the town, but this quick relocation came after the huge national delegation led by deputy prime minister Demeke Mekonnen visited to the Somali region (Ogaden).  The objective of the delegation was exploration to find a land suitable for investment. A close source linked to the Somali authority confirmed that this land will be  redistribute to investors from the Ethiopian highlands.

During recent years, the Somali regional security has been improved due to the creation of the local paramilitary militia named Liyuu Police that treated people ruthlessly.

The Ogaden national liberation front (ONLF) carried out a struggle against Ethiopia for the last twenty-two years. ONLF seeks independence for the Somali region of Ethiopia but it has recently been weakened and activities curtailed within the region.

By Rasaas