Kebri Dehar Airport is Under Reconstruction.


Kebri DeharJijiga, Aug 14, 2013 – The biggest investment project ever had received Korahe region has begun at Kebri Dehar. It’s the third largest and the most strategic town in the Somali regional state of Ethiopia.

The government has allocated to one hundred million Ethiopian Birr [us $56 millions] for the reconstruction cost of the Kebri Dehar Airport. [US$56 millions].  The project will create over one thousand employment of the local people.

The old Kebri Dehar airport built Italy in 1938. Recent years, it was providing less than services demanded by the public.

The reconstruction service runs the Somali Road Construction Agency that has mandated to two years for completing the work. The agency has launched on site clearance works enlarging for the airlines’ runway. It will construct in modern offices with departures and arrivals departments handle for the customer services.

The second large investment expenditure running the government in the Korahe region is the building Kebri Dehar college, which its works started four months ago.

Another  large private project is constructing of Islamic college in progress at Kebri-Dehar.

In 2010, the government gave codes of town for four towns in the Somali regional state of Ethiopia, including Gode, Jijiga, Deghabour and Kebri Dehar. Government was appointed council of administration to prompt economic growth to these towns.