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Kismayo, June 7, 2013 – Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed Islam, president of Jubaland state of Somalia has flown to Nairobi. An expected travel has come after called from Kenya for meeting with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, president of Somalia.

Jubilant conference begun in February 2013, and since the government criticised the conference and sabotaged the delegates in conference to reach the decision. However, they resisted from the government’ interference believing that they have done rights things for building Jubaland autonomous state.

A conference has continued at Kismayo in three months had elected Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed president of Jubaland state, that sparked out a new crisis behind Hassan Sheikh Mohamud president of Somalia.

Since the dispute began the relation between the federal government of Somalia and Jubaland autonomous has worsened. To prevent in case of a conflict begin in the country; the Intergovernmental Authority on Development [IGAD] has sent a selective committee to assess the situation and find out the truth. Unfortunately, the committee could not find a solution for the disagreement between the two parts.

The government, blamed neighboring countries for creation of Jubaland state. By revenging that member of Somali parliaments organised motion behind President to vote the parliament withdrawal of Kenyan and Ethiopian troops. Soon, an opposed group organised another motion the parliament demanding for withdrawal of troops from Djibouti, Burundi, Uganda and Siereleone.

The foreign prepared Somali constitution expressed the country will govern in the federal system. And also it expressed that two, and more regions can form autonomous state with understanding dwellers, but have never clarified in an appropriately who build autonomous states and how many states will be in Somalia.

Government and Somali people have confused on the constitution article made for them. In actually, the Somali constriction is a special one based on tribal division.

Unfortunately, the people in top jobs the governments are not wise nor experienced leaders. In that situation, the new government of Somalia faces in serious challenges, and its continuations of this challenges could bring to collapse the government.

The government did not act wisely, because it does make sense building state but the important thing is the country to get peace and system of government.

Punt land President Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed Farole, opposed strongly Hassan the policy of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and blamed that he will be led the country to new conflicts, as well as constitutional misled to since he came the power eight months ago.

Leaders of Kenya and Somalia have been in discussion at Nairobi outskirt for two days to find the solution for advancing Somali politics.

The trip to Nairobi of Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed Islam president an autonomous state of Jubaland to meet with Somali leaders in Nairobi is a good sign and in terms of agreement, Somali politics will move right direction.

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