Thu. May 26th, 2022

Jijiga, July 12, 2013 – Surprise! Visit to Nogob region for the first time ever Ethiopian officials put on feet to this area is breaking a record as President Abdi Mohamoud Omar traveling through the region.

This is the last region were hiding in the opposition guerrilla group that being the obstacle for development.

The president wants assurance on peace and security the Nogob region, before any step for development take forward. Nogob dwellers expect from the government huge progress in this region to tackle a serious under-development.

Nogob region is the most under-developed in the nine region in the Somali state of Ethiopia. It has the largest livestock herds due to the geographic and demographic.

President Abdi calls his travel through the Nogob region the “journey of light”.  And people throughout the Nogob region are waited this visit for long, to see once, the government officials’ witness on the endless needs in here.

The current administration is attempting to tackle out of the poverty, and underdevelopment persisted many years in the Somali region. In spite of wide corruption and mismanagement are continuing in some Office has deteriorated the target development.

By Rasaas