Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

The Somali regional state, revenue agency has provided in training skills of understanding business activities to the representatives of Jijiga traders in last week. The training was about precepting how to control and record daily business transactions to final point of statements. The aim of this training was to equip with systematic knowledge for the people running business at metropolitan to find out at last an easy way the revenue agency can collect direct tax.

Taxes on business are new system to the Somali regional state of Ethiopia, and it obliged the administration to give training for the people involve business. ย Back to some years ago, it was impossible the government to collect tax from the Somali regional state due to the conflict and mistrust the rule against the government.

For the last two years, business obliged registering their business and distributed for VAT register machines for tax purposes that took some time to understand. The sequence seminars provide to business people will push up for understanding an economic system that will boost revenues from taxations. That without it, government schemes for development cannot deliver effectively.

By admin