Sat. May 28th, 2022

Jijiga referral hospital received last night injured Liyu-Policeman another two were killed at a centre of the town midnight on February 5, 2019. The incident occur outside Crown Hotel, where a lady splashed dirty water on to two Policemen on patrol deliberately. Policemen queried her why she splashed dirty on to them but she replied impolitely to the policemen decided to take her to the police station, eye witness told rasaasa. 

The lady called military for help, and soon after a military vehicle mounted soldiers arrived at the scene those beaten brutally Policemen without asking any question.
Jijiga had been under curfew for last five days even though removed it on that night still different army forces combat in the town in twenty-four hours. 

There are great feelings of distrust and disparity among civilians as well as different armies looking after the security.The federal armies clearly in favour to none Somalis ethnic in Jijiga on the other side local Somali armies accused having in favour to Somalis. 

This is a great danger to national integrity, harmony and living together peacefully. Somali people distressful about the marginalising and direct discrimination who the federal government closed eyes treble situation on Somalis forbidden to free movement in the country and free settlement in the country, while other ethnics are free for the Somali region. 
Ethiopian federal system divided the country nine zone based on ethnicity each zone responsible its own security.

Since, the federal military took over security on the Somali region on August 4, 2018, the regional security deteriorated particularly in Jijiga due to the military presence.

By Rasaas